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Agarwood, a tree growing in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, is one of the most revered incenses for use in meditation, purifying the body and mind. Agarwood comes from the Arabic word al-oud, meaning “wood,” and is commonly called “oud wood.” It was also known as “aloe wood” and “eagle wood” in ancient times. Oud Of Cambodia grows and obtains the agarwood species Aquilaria crassna. The tree develops colorful, dense, and surprisingly aromatic formations wherever the tree has been attacked by a parasitic fungus. These formations are what have been used in perfumery since ancient times. This precious wood, with woody and animal notes, is a veritable olfactory treasure trove for perfume compositions, combining sensuality and strength.


Used for thousands of years in the Middle East and Asia, agarwood has been subject to excessive trade, leading to overexploitation and depletion of tree populations in its natural environment. Today, the sale of agarwood is regulated by CITES. Our 100% pure and natural plantation-grown agarwood comes from CITES-certified Aquilaria plantations in the Koh Kong Cambodia.