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Wholesale Special Oud Oil


Grade AAA pure oud oil

Cambodian Oud - Grade AAA High Quality Oudh Oil


Our AAA luxurious High Grade Oud Oil is highly valued due to its mysterious odour. Its rich, sweet and seductive aroma instinctively communicates with the one wearing it, making you feel soothed and wrapped in relaxation. This fragrance offers a nostalgic atmosphere of serenity and tranquility.


Our AAA High Grade Oud Oil is made only from wild agarwood. Being distilled from pure Oud without fragrance or toxic chemicals, our AAA High Grade Oud oil if for the discerning consumer who wants the very best quality Oud Oil.


This Oud Oil contains pure oil extracted from the wild agarwood tree in Cambodia. No fragrance is mixed with this pure oil, so its scent is natural, earthy, warm and very sweet.


This Oud Oil after being applied to the skin lasts for 14 hours.


SPECIAL PRICE Grade AAA - 500ml (16 tola) Oud Oil.


Grade AAA pure oud oil

Royal Cambodia Oud Oil


100% Pure Wild Cambodian Agarwood (Oud) Oil


This wild oud oil contains zero barnyards, spicy, camphoraceous, and super sweet. It is rich, warm and super smooth.

There is no resistance to put this oil on your skin. It smells so divine and the scent lasts more than 14 hours on the skin.


When you sniff it, close your eyes, a pleasant warm air will wash through your nose and deliver to your brain.


This oud oil is from wild agarwood collected from several trees from Koh Kong, Cambodia, and it is a very successful distillation by steam distillation. This is one of the finest oil we ever had in our stock, we have limited stock available for our customers.


100% Pure with no alcohol and no chemicals.


16 tola for just $500 with FREE delivery!